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Our Objectives
The objective of corporate wellness is to establish a successful program that enhances both performance and health for modern-day individuals in a corporate setting. By working collectively with the team, the goal is to maximize engagement across all pillars of health, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This involves diversifying and simplifying the barriers, creating a safe and welcoming environment where employees feel supported. Implementing wellness protocols that are tailored to each employee helps maximize individual benefits while also promoting collective well-being. Leveraging years of experience in personal training, mobility, nutrition, mindfulness, performance coaching, and yoga, the aim is to provide the workforce with an effective wellness strategy that can transform the company as a whole.
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Our Process
From intensive one-on-one's to semi private and small group sessions, there's an offering for everyone
Initial Assesment
We review your intake forms and health history, food journal & assess eating habits, discuss specific topics and create a plan on how to gradually implement these new habits. Within 48h, you will receive a personalized plan, your next action steps & relevant tools/resources.
3 Follow Ups
Over the course of 6 months, we will focus on accountability and guidance. Together, we recap your experience between sessions and assess progress and challenges. We re-evaluate your recommendations, food journals and establish a new plan of action for you to follow until our next session. Within 24h, you will receive a summary of our follow-up discussion and new recommendations.

À La Carte Sessions
Upon completion of your initial assessment and 3 follow-ups routine check-ins are important to ensure you are staying on track. If any changes to protocols need to be made, this will occur then as well.

Available Classes
Here are our available corporate classes to choose from
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